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If you are looking for a speaker or panelist at your next conference or a guest on your podcast - you are in the right place.  Here is a small sample of past appearances.  Message me for more information or to speak about your event.

In February, 2022, Julia participated in a conference panel discussion around employee engagement through social impact. Moderator Alexus Hauk wrote an article after the event.


Think your pandemic policies and practices were a lot to deal with? Try cat-herding a 30,000-person company. That's just what Commscope faced and Head of Global TA Julia Levy is on the show to talk about just how they did it, and shares a lot of the questions still unanswered. It's a candid discussion on a challenge a lot of companies are facing, but are too afraid to talk about. Julia puts it all on the table and it's a discussion anyone in the world of HR and TA should not miss.

Changes in the marketplace impact your EVP, employee engagement and surveys, recruitment marketing activities and tactics, internal mobility processes, learning systems, and your TA/RM tech stacks. Are you ready? In this episode host, Debbie Tuel chats with Julia Levy, to discuss the importance of understanding market shifts and keeping pace with candidate, employee and technology needs as those shifts arise. 

What's the next big challenge in Talent Acquisition? According to our interview with Julia Levy, it's mobility, being able to discover internal talent so we can move people around or involve them part time for short projects. And what's the biggest challenge in Talent Sourcing? Workload balancing.

Julia Levy, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at CommScope, discusses how her team has navigated the challenges - and opportunities - following a major acquisition: merging two organizations and reimagining their employer value proposition - all while trying to give back to the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Candidate Experience Audits Are Core to Recruiting. SHRM Ron Maurer

Candidate-experience auditing helps employers design the optimal candidate journey through the hiring process—from initial attraction and application to onboarding—and identify and correct the problem areas that could lead to bad word-of-mouth

Julia Levy discussing candidate experience and recruitment marketing during SmashFly Transform in November 2016.

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